EL GUERO 2 Privacy Policy Highlights — U.S.

At EL GUERO 2 we understand the value of your privacy. This Policy is designed to help you understand what information EL GUERO 2 collects about you, when EL GUERO 2 collects such information, and what we do with that information. Please see the sections below addressing Information We Collect and How We Use Your Information. This page provides a general overview of each topic, but feel free to follow the link at the bottom of each section for more detailed information. If you have any questions or feedback regarding EL GUERO 2 Privacy Policy, please contact us through the web form on the website’s Contact Us page.

Scope of Policy

This Policy applies to customer information EL GUERO 2, Inc. (EL GUERO 2) collects in the United States at EL GUERO 2 restaurants (restaurants), through our website, and through our mobile applications. As a global company, EL GUERO 2 has a separate privacy policies in place for each country. Please visit the webpage for your country for privacy policy information.

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What Information Do We Collect?

EL GUERO 2 collects information from you that you provide to us while using our services, including:

  • Information you provide us when we request personal information, such as in job inquiries with EL GUERO 2, franchise inquires, gift certificate purchases, customer feedback, contest entry, subscription to informational email service, and requests for information about EL GUERO 2.
  • Information you give us, such as during transactions, surveys, website registrations, and mobile applications.
  • Information from other sources, such as companies that help us to update our records, and
  • Information automatically collected when you visit or use our websites, such as via cookies and device information, and in stores, such as via video cameras.

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Privacy Policy — Full Policy — US

Notice and Scope of Our Privacy Practices

This policy addresses how and why we collect your personal information, how your information is protected, and when and with whom we share your information. Our goal is to provide clear, prominent, and easily accessible information about our privacy practices.

This Policy applies to customer information we collect in the United States at EL GUERO 2 restaurants, through our websites, and through our mobile applications. As an international company, EL GUERO 2 has separate privacy policies in place for each country in which we are located. Personal information about our customers may be processed and stored in the United States or any other country in which EL GUERO 2 or our service providers maintain facilities. However, EL GUERO 2 requires each member of our corporate family and our service providers to protect your information, regardless of where it is stored, in accordance with local laws and our policies.

Information EL GUERO 2 May Collect About You