Over the years Mexico City has harvested a reputation for itself among people. The artifice of the streets, the pure and profound friendliness of the locals, and of course the uniqueness found in its gastronomic creations, made this one of the most memorable places.
Mexican food
Authentic Mexican food is exciting, delightful and fresh. It is also multi-coloured and spicy and uses an amazing collection of chillies, both fresh and dried.

Mexican food catering
Whether you’re planning a wedding, business event or another congregation there are wide range of Mexican food caterers available in the market. Past few years, San-Diego becomes a Mexican food hub because of increasing demands for Mexican food. Now, people are very much interested in organising events here for building a strong bond of relationships.
In this context, there are varieties of caterers available, but one name which is best suited for Mexican food catering is El Guero 2.

Why El Guero 2 ?
El Guero 2 catering services have everything you need. They also offer reservations for their beautiful garden space if you’re searching for a location for your event.

Whether it’s for a small get-together, corporate event, or even a wedding, turn it into a celebration with El Guero 2 catering. If you have ever dined in El Guero 2, you know what real Mexican food spirit is and you ended up wanting to share their food with friends and family. They provide a unique Mexican food experience for parties, weddings and just about any occasion. They have catered many beautiful events such as weddings. They take fine care of your guests and have enough on your mind during this wonderful time. El Guero 2 is confident that people will be talking about the delicious Mexican food afterwards.

Their Mexican food catering prices are affordable and worth for your money. It is their mission to make your wedding or event special and a memorable one for you and your guests.

Choose from their buffet packages or party dishes to meet your catering needs.
A proper Mexican food catering service includes the server, tables, serving equipment, Mexican décor, set up. Taxes and other things are also applicable. 
Experience the best Mexican food catering San-Diego, El Guero 2 has to offer.

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